Hi guys, these are some tips that gamers that are experienced will know, but you never know!


1. If you make a base, always make it during the day and supply it with some kind of light, since mobs will spawn in the darkness. 


2. WOOD is your number 1. numero uno problem. It is the resource required for nearly everything that is important. Wood crafts axes, handles, crafting tables, and i could be here for hours if i continue, SO!


3. If you do get lost, sit tight and wait for day. DO NOT MOVE if you can help it. Since mods can only sense you if you are within twenty blocks of them, moving only aggravates the problem. 


4. Do not spend ages trying to make a cool base. A base is something you can hide from monsters in and it doesn't have to be fancy. That and you waste daylight if you try to find a good house. 


5. Cobblestone can be mined by a wooden pickaxe, but any other material can not. Iron and any other metal requires a cobblestone pickaxe, which you make with the cobblestone you collected. 



OKay, this is Tigerconfident, signing out for now! Let me know in the comments below what things you'd like help on and tips about, and also. Just feel free to discuss things on this topic, since its a great knowledge tool, seeya for now!

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My Name is Ellysia!


Spirit of a Sandwing. 

Speed of a Skywing. 

Cunning of a Nightwing. 

Beauty of a Rainwing (like Glory since i am no pushover)

Swimming skills of a SeaWing

Strength of a MudWing



i also have a good tip.go on creative mode and store up everything in very protective shelers with countles beds to sleep i befor you go to survivle so you survive

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>writing  queen<


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