Tips and Fun Facts




Build Guide: Cabin Interior

Decorations and Finishing Touches

Why stop at dropping a bed down, popping a crafting table in the corner and placing a few chests inside your house?


Is Your Refrigerator Running?

Redstone Contraptions

You COULD keep your snacks in a chest, shoved in with dirt blocks and tools and spider eyes... OR you could stick them in a super rad refrigerator that flings food at you with the flip of a switch.


Build Guide: Cabin

Step-by-step instructions

The wooden house is a staple of Minecraft, but who says oak wood is the only way to go? Learn how to construct this cabin in your world!

Tips food

What's for dinner?

Tips for catching your food

If the first animal you kill doesn't drop any meat, look for another. The animal will try to run away from you once you hit it, so you'll need to be fast! Sheep don't drop meat, they only drop wool. Lamb is officially off the menu!

Tips jackolantern

Halloween Craft

Jack-O'-Lantern Recipe

Torches can be crafted into jack-o'-lanterns by combining them with pumpkins.

Tips furnace

Early Survival

Tip for surviving your first night

To make it easier to survive your first night, burn blocks of wood in a furnace to make charcoal. You can use this instead of coal to craft torches, which means you can go caving even if you haven't found coal.